Surely you do not know what I’m talking about when I tell you about SEO but do not worry, my goal at the end of the post is to understand how this organic web positioning works.
What is SEO?

Basically and not to liarte much, SEO is the set of techniques used by webmasters to appear at the top of Google or any other search engine.

In these search engines there are two sections, paid (SEM) and unpaid (SEO).

The first results are reserved for the sponsored web pages (SEM). That is, they pay to be the first of Google and their web positioning is not organic but paid / sponsored.

Following these results are links to unpaid web pages (SEO) that have managed to be there thanks to their SEO strategies. This type of positioning takes 70% of Google searches. Therefore it is much better and cheaper than the SEM

We will summarize, SEM is to position a website in a short time and paying while SEO is the opposite, it is slow and free.

Myth 1: The PageRank continues to exist

This is false, the Pagerank has long ceased to exist for Google and removed it from its algorithm. Now some simply still want to give a value that does not really have.

The Pagerank was a metric that Google attributed to each web page based on its authority in the network and that currently does not exist.

Myth 2: The DA is very important

This index is indicative, therefore the statement is FALSE.

Doing good SEO work will make your Domain Authority (DA) better. However, it is an index more like the UR of Ahrefs. We should not be obsessed with this kind of metrics since the set of metrics is what the global SEO work of our website indicates to us.

Myth 3: SEO has died

Neither has he died nor is he going to die.

In any case with voice searches the SEO as such will change the way it is done but it will not disappear.

Google is not interested in disappearing the organic results of their searches because they are the most accurate and so users end up using Google.

Also on the internet every day new niches appear in which to get SEO markets.

Myth 4: The nofollow links do not work

False. They serve to compensate with the dofollow.

In addition these although they do not give authority if they will give us visits so it will improve our positioning indirectly.